03 de Set de 2021

Peru‘s Road to the World Cup

The next Quidditch World Cup edition will be held at Richmond, Virginia int he U.S.A. The Tournament Will gather teams araound the World on July 2023. These days we will not only enjoy the matches but also workshops on refereeing, tackling, etc.

The sport that more than 15 years ago came out of the pages of Harry Potter books to become a reality, has been in Peru for 5 years now. This inclusive, mixed, multi-position sport with contact, is already in almost 40 countries. And on this occasion, Peru participate for the FIRST time.

Peru has a pre-selection preparing for this World Cup since several months now. The Technical Command includes the technical director, physical trainer and nutritionists.

Participating in this event will mean everything to our NGB. That’s why we are giving our best on preparing the best national team we can

said Tomás Tejada, technical director.

He has been preparing our pre-selection team for more than 6 months and has high expectations for the event.

To get this dream come true, our volunteers are working in every area possible. The Treasury Department has presented a plan that involves all the teams at the national level to support the sale of jerseys. The teams have an amount as a goal, the federation has another amount. This is to support the entire team of players to get: visa, air ticket, accommodation, food, etc.

Traveling to the United States for a tournament is a big financial challenge for us. The national team jersey is just the first in a series of items we will put on sale to raise funds, but it is the heart of who we are as a team. This is when you guys come along.

Team Peru Jersey: Music and clips of “La diablada” are property of “Infiernal Blue Diablada Azoguini”, who has given their consent for this production.

To buy this amazing jersey, read and fill out this form: https://cutt.ly/SyOWMS3. Thank you for your support! Please share, so more people can join our dream. We all deserve to live international quidditch and it can be achieved TOGETHER.